from by Ew.



Sittin' in two, nothin' to do on your dad's basement floor again
Wasting our time so we write these rhymes forgetting about our adult things
Fading to bones pick up the phone, someone is on the other line
Look at the lawn we must've been gone for at least a couple days
We'll just keep on talkin'
About how we wanna be famous
We wanna be famous
Don't turn away, cause I'm wide awake we've only re-played it 30 times
Work by the dime, with that I'll be fine writing about my stupid life
Who knows if they'll sign ya, I'm the messiah of wasting our educated youth
The roof has a leak, so we'll just speak about how we'll fix it when we're rich
We'll just keep on talkin' about how we wanna be famous
We wanna be famous


from Whatta Trash Goblin, track released December 21, 2015



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Ew. Jefferson City, Missouri

Heyyo I'm Kelci Acree, rhymes with Shmelci Shmacree.

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