from by Ew.



At one point things were looking up
And now you're drinking cough syrup
All the boys in town they say you're a whore
I won't be you mule anymore

You used to have looks that kill
I don't think those are prescription pills
You used to have the sweetest voice I've heard
Now you curse and your words all slur

You don't remember what you did last night
Or where you slept the night before
You've been hangin' with a rotten crowd
You got nothin' but you act so proud

Your youth is fleeing and you've got no hope
You used to be such a delightful girl
As you verge closer and closer to death
What will you think during your last breath?


from Whatta Trash Goblin, released October 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Ew. Jefferson City, Missouri

Heyyo I'm Kelci Acree, rhymes with Shmelci Shmacree.

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